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The Bali Collection

Beautiful products handmade by talented  Bali Artisans and Craftsmen.
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Handmade Bali Rattan HandBags

Individual &  stylish handmade Rattan Handbags in a variety of sizes and style.

The Bali Collection


Visit our handcrafted best rattan handbags category for an amazing selection of bags in many different colours and designs

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Bali Homewares

Visit our Homewares category to view beautifully handcrafted statues and other carvings. Rattan Kitchenware and other amazing ornaments and Artifacts.

About Us

Jayne and Andrew are the two directors behind The Bali Collection which started trading in 2023.

Importing beautifully hand made products from Bali using only natural materials and working with gifted Balinese artisans and craftsmen the first shipments started to arrive in the UK in early 2024.

Sustainability is a key word and driving force behind the company as they strive to work with local Balinese people in all aspects of the business from the actual making of the bags to the packing, and shipping,  overseen by Komang and her team.

Jayne said, “It is spell binding to see these amazing products being made by artisans in the villages of North and East Bali with as many as three craftsmen working to produce one item. As the bag nears completion it is left in the sun for several days to dry and then smoked in a kiln using coconut husks before the final details are added to complete what can only be described as works of art. We are very proud to be introducing these wonderful products into the UK market”.

We are pleased to be working with Jamie and Susan of Wave Logistics, sharing their warehouse in Christ Church where they handle all of our fulfillment requirements as well as storing our goods.

Jayne has always had an affinity with Bali, and I can fully understand why,” said, Andrew. “It is an enchanting island of waterfalls, temples, mountains, and a beautiful coastline, and wonderful, talented people. It really is the island of the Gods.

Please feel free to contact Andrew and Jayne at [email protected].